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I am a natural-born exponent of communicating a company’s story by vicariously immersing myself as the brand itself. I communicate these stories through brand awareness and affinity, setting the context for follow-up brand messaging (retargeting), while acquiring relevant audiences.

My job is to convey your brand in a positive light; understanding the fragility of a brand’s reputation, through regularly fact-checking data and validating quotes before anything is published. I create content to generate leads through storytelling, while sustaining or creating a new image of the company to attract an audience of readers, who might be converted into customers


The Journey

Just like my craft, I have a storied but exciting past. I was born and raised in the beautiful Island of Jamaica; nurtured by a phenomenal single mom; educated by an exceptional all-boys institution that has a motto that reads, “The Brave may fall but never Yield.” It is this motto that I have framed my life around. My early professional life is void of anything relating to the “Branding” world, but I had always been a great admirer for social and environmental responsibility, ethics and public relations.

I came to America at the age of 32, having already spent 14 years as a professional banker at a Canadian Bank. My tertiary accomplishments that I acquired back home was rendered useless here in America and so I had to hit the reset button and start all over. “The brave may fall but never yield” mentality shun again; I enrolled at a community college, while simultaneously, starting a business as a partner in a Subway restaurant franchise.

I have never worked in a restaurant my entire life nor was I ever involved in any business partnership, but this is America and here is where you can transition and make success. Instead of enrolling in a business course at Bronx Community College to assist in sharpening my newfound business aspirations, I decided to do an A.S. in media technology. I then proceeded to do a B.A. in mass communication and finally (I hope), a master’s in branding and integrated communications.

I have learned so much doing my advanced degree, and as I embark on another transition in my professional life, I hope that I can contribute to, not only highlighting a company’s brand, but to contribute to the social and environmental upliftment that is desperately needed at this time.

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