To: Team Uber

From: Travis Kalanick, CEO

Date: September 29, 2019

Subject: I apologize


By now, you should be aware of the unfortunate incident that I was involved in with an Uber driver— where my actions and behavior toward that driver was nothing short of disrespectful, embarrassing and condescending. I am deeply ashamed of how I acted, and I have formally apologized to that driver and now formally, I am apologizing to you.

My behavior does not reflect the position I hold, nor does it reflect the behavior that should be tolerated or displayed by any Uber employee. Being the CEO of a company requires leadership qualities that emit compassion, understanding and tolerance and I have been found wanting in this regard. I have enrolled myself into a behavioral and character class to remedy my actions and I hope you can forgive me for my infringement and look forward to this being a learning and healing process for us all.

My desire is for UBER to be seen as a tolerant, understanding and respectful company that caters to all our stakeholders, and as we move forward, may my actions be a catalyst for change that will bring about quality service in all that we do, not only as employees but as humans.